About us

We are one of the well-known producer of high-quality Saffron & Saffron products company in Iran. Located in a complex about 4000 m2 which includes both the factory and the company’s head office. Badiee Saffron has been based at the industrial estate of Khorasan since 2018. Badiee Saffron offers, to the international markets, Saffron & Saffron products deeply-rooted in a pure environment. We are producing ingredients directly from our farms. We are using the raw materials with respect for nature and environment with high quality production processes. A leader in the domestic market in both the retail and the HORECA sector, it exports its products in more than 30 countries, keeping up delivering products of the highest quality. At Badiee Saffron, we are firmly committed to quality, our ISO 9001, ISO 22000 and ISO 14000, allow us to ensure excellence and food safety of all manufactured products.

What Makes Us Different?

Excellent quality at an attractive price.
Packing on modern equipment that allows you to keep seasonings and spices as fresh and of high quality.
A wide range that is onstantly updated.
Individual packaging that attracts attention on any shelf!


The main mission of Badiee Saffron has been providing food products that are safe, tasty, nutritious, and competitively-priced using the latest technology in food processing and in accordance with the highest international standards.

We have chosen to dedicate our talents and our wisdom to create products of the highest quality and spread the best Saffron all over the world.

Make brand 'Badiee' reach international domains.

Sustain growth trajectory by fulfilling stakeholder's expectations.

Attract and attain customer loyalty with high value products and services.


Our company vision is to produce high quality products.

We have a clear goal – to produce the most delicious, pure and unforgettable saffron & saffron Products in the world.


Product requirements and customer service are leading our operations.

Food safety and trace ability is key.

Take responsibility, ensuring long-lasting relationships.

24 hours a day, 7 days of a week we are available.

We keep what we promise. We select our raw materials with the greatest care.


During the process of production, we obey the requirements of ISO9001, 22000 and ISO14000 to make products well controlled. We always improve our product quality and service to satisfy the demands of our customers.

We put quality first. Our customers are our priority, therefore we deliver the best products.

We are committed to continuously train our staff and, above all, to use the most advanced technology in the selection of saffron and other products.

We believe that the production of quality saffron is a real art, therefore, the attitude to all stages requires a careful and thoughtful approach. Badiee production is based on centuries-old traditional and the most modern approach in the world.

Thanks to a modern production line, we are able to even better control the quality of products while producing large volumes that will satisfy the needs of the largest recipients.

From the moment a client place an order until the arrival of the product to the final consumer, we control our processes in their different stages, according to the International standards.


We put emphasis on technology. We use modern machines.

We choose equipment that allows you to achieve a high level of efficiency and repeatability.

It is properly automated production that allows us to reach for the most important certificates, numerous awards and distinctions for our products.

We always try to improve all aspect of Badiee company operations